Academic Membership

Academic Membership

Academic membership is available to high school, college and post-graduate students, or educators in the United States or Canada. News and magazine media professionals and those associated with vendors or suppliers to the industry are precluded from entering this category of membership, but may join as a corporate member if eligibility is met.

For general membership questions or for or more information about becoming an Academic member of the Alliance, email or call 1.844.656.4622.


The News/Media Alliance serves students and educators through the following resources: Our website is a comprehensive repository of industry trends, data, and research that highlight news media brands’ unique strengths and positioning. The members-only area provides advertising support materials and case studies on innovative strategies and success stories, and an ABC resource center to help guide news media organizations through changes in rules and reporting formats.

Webinars and online education: News/Media Alliance offers webinars featuring in-house and external industry experts to share innovation and success stories for generating revenue and growing audience. Past webinars are archived and available to members.

newsXchange and dailyXchange newsletters: News/Media Alliance keeps members informed through these weekly and daily digital newsletters, respectively, containing news, perspectives and innovative insights from the industry, for the industry.

Exclusive Discounts

Hertz: News/Media Alliance members can save up to 20 percent when their discount code CDP# 6308 is applied to a Hertz car rental reservation. Members can also enjoy a first year, fee-waived membership to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards®.