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Show your support for the journalists working tirelessly every day to bring you quality, investigative news. Support Real News.

About the Support Real News Campaign

Reporters, editors and photographers provide real news. News you can trust.

The News Media Alliance believes the dissemination of information to the public to promote discourse and awareness is the lynchpin of any democracy.

Help show your support for the journalists – in local communities and across the country – who are working tirelessly to bring you real news.

How You Can Participate

The News Media Alliance has provided several resources for your use to raise awareness and promote the importance of supporting real news, including print and digital ads, campaign video, press release, Op-Ed by News Media Alliance President & CEO David Chavern, social media badge and infographics, and links to other Real News efforts.

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Support Real News Ads

The News Media Alliance is proud to provide full-color print ads, as well as digital cube and digital leaderboard ads, for use in your print and online newspapers. The ads can be downloaded in EPS and PDF formats.

NEW – July 2020 Ad:

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Social Media Resources

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Latest Articles:

New York Times Ads Say Now is the Time to Support Real News

Oct. 30, 2018: The New York Times has launched new ads highlighting the importance of monetarily supporting original, independent journalism. This group of ads is united under the statement, “The truth is worth it.” The ads underscore the fact that real, quality journalism takes time and resources, giving examples of their investigative journalism. In a recent Times survey, nearly three-quarters of subscribers agreed, “There has never been a more important time to support quality journalism.”

Support Real News Journalism Glossary

There is a language specific to journalism that often doesn’t translate to the everyday world. Some terms have a unique meaning that aren’t derived from their words. Our journalism glossary terms can help demystify and clarify some of the journalism terms that people most often get wrong.